VR GirlFriend

Vr Girlfriend Apk is a romantic role-playing game designed for virtual reality glasses. Gamers will be able to enjoy 360-degree views of a gorgeous tropical island and numerous beautiful young ladies walking around. However, you should not look at others, otherwise, your vacation partner will be offended and will leave you alone immediately. Pamper her with various gifts, entertain her, and take care of her.


Come and spend the island holiday with Nancy!! All right, that’s her, let’s go!
Yes, remember to buy her more beautiful clothes Oh!
Why don’t you take her out and dump you? Oh, she likes to go to the amusement park, don’t say I didn’t tell you. In other words, she likes to go to the seaside to catch crabs, that …
Remember, don’t let the crab clip her.
In addition, although we provide 360 degrees of panoramic view, but also do not peep her to change clothes, she will be angry.
Protect her when you drink in a bar.
All right, all right, I’m not a talker. The place you’re going to call … Call…
Paradise Island!
What are you waiting for? Get into your own-paradise island!

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